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About Preselling of

Dear all,

This page was made for introducing the preselling policy of In this page, you will know how and why we use the new sell mode.


Firstly, our suppliers are not in one and the same country. They are from different places of different country. We can just order some products to our CA warehouse for 3 months.

Secondly, some of our supplier had been changed by some particular facts from 2020.


Thirdly, the real needs are enlarged so much. And we have to take some measures to solve this supply and demand issues. We use the preselling way to remit the problems.


In the preselling process, you can see a banner at the top of all pages of It indicates the latest time about when the products will be shipped to our CA warehouse. And we'll deliver your order according to the confirmed time of the order day by day.


Thanks for your understanding! Stay safe and have a nice day! We're always by your side.

Apr. 14, 2021