REPTI ZOO Terrarium for Pet Reptile Living in Nature

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REPTI ZOO help you build an artificial ecological rainforest terrarium for your pet reptiles

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Reptile Habitat Tank

Reptile Terrarium Series

Artificial ecological terrarium. Lift and pull screen. Easy to clean and replace. 


Double Covers Reptile Terrarium

Suitable for adult Pogona vitticeps, young adult Sulcata tortoise, red leg tortoise and etc.


Artificial Reptile Habitat Environment

For tortoise, radiated tortoise, adult Python regius, Boa constrictor and adult hedgehog and more.


customer reviews

Amazing and well worth it

Shipping was fast and customer service even better. I unfortunately had a broken glass door upon arrival that they sent a new one imidietly and im in love!

Kayla Wolcyk

Great quality cage

Had some issues ordering it from wayfaiir with broken parts but company stepped up and replaced it for a second time after the first one was lost in the mail...

– Ashley


This is perfect. Doubled packaged although didn’t like the peanuts but nothing broken easy to put together and WOW. I love the idea that it can be taken apart and then could at a time take up less room when not needed.


Indoor Reptile Terrarium Series


REPTI ZOO is a registered trademark for pet supplies(reptile terrarium, glass terrarium and feeding tools).