REPTIZOO Dual Reptile Lamp Fixture with 100W UVA Basking Spot Heat Lamp and 26W UVB 5.0 Energy Saving Bulb

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About this item Dual Reptile Lamp Fixture Design: Integration design can better meet your pet's needs of the light, also it¡¯s more convenience to...

REPTI ZOO 2PCS 100W Infrared Reptile Heat Lamp Infrared Basking Spot Light IFL100

$19.99 $14.99
All Products Chameleon cage,enclosure & habitat Lighting/Lamps/Bulbs REPTIZOO REPTILE LIGHTS
Features: 1. Infrared Reptile Heat Lamp: Our reptile heat lights basking spotlight provides a powerful source of infrared heat emissions for animals requiring heat...

Reptizoo custom multi-unit reptile pet display with glass tank (3 LAYERS)

All Products Custom Reptile Cages
Our enclosures are extremely adaptable, and can include dividers or be custom-built to include as many units or levels as you require!This is just...

REPTI ZOO Reptile Terrarium Thermometer Hygrometer Digital Display with Suction Cup

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About this item Accurate measure temperature and humidity in vivariums, hatchers, brooders, propagators, etc Digital display and easy to read on clear LCD screen,...

REPTI ZOO Reptile Dual Lamp Stand Adjustable Bracket Metal Support for Reptile Glass Terrarium

$49.99 $41.99
All Products Lighting/Lamps/Bulbs Reptile Lighting Fixture REPTIZOO REPTILE LIGHTS
1. 2 IN 1 Dual Lamp Stand, It can be used as a standing lamp bracket or clip lamp bracket 2. High Quality &...

REPTI ZOO Full Glass 15 Gallon Reptile Terrarium, Black-Tinted ECO-Terrarium to Reduce Stress for Gecko Hermit Crab Top Ventilation & Anti Escape Lid

$169.99 $149.99
0-30 Gallon All Products Snake Products Snake Tanks, Build a dream home for your pets | reptizoo Snake Terrariums Spider Products
FEATURES 1. Patented Design, This reptile tank size is 24"x12"x12". Made of high-quality tempered glass for sturdy and safety, this wide terrarium tank is...

REPTIZOO Reptile Terrarium 25 Gallon, 2 in 1 Knock-Down Glass Reptile Tank 24" x 16" x 16"

$199.99 $169.99
0-30 Gallon All Products Bearded Dragon Products Bearded Dragon Tanks, Terrariums, Enclosure & Cage Snake Products
FEATURES: 1. 2 IN 1 Terrarium, This 25-gallon reptile terrarium comes with two different height of front glass, high glass-7 inches suitable for small...

REPTIZOO 6 Gallon 20" x 12" x 6" Glass Reptile Terrarium with Top Feeding Reptile Habitat for Reptile Amphibians Snake Spider RAK08SG

$89.99 $84.99
0-30 Gallon All Products Snake Products Spider Products
FEATURES 1. Full Glass Tank, This reptile terrarium is made of float glass which is more appealing and sturdier than other plate glass. The...
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The bearded dragon is a diurnal lizard in the family of flying lizards. When threatened, this lizard opens its spiny scales, mouth, and throat with spines Bulging in a show action, bluffing by bulging the whiskers, like a lion. As reptile pets, bearded dragons are more docile in character. At the same time, it is more interactive during daily feeding powerful. Healthy bearded dragons usually use body language such as nodding, opening mouths, and waving to express emotion. The diet of the bearded dragon is also relatively wide, mainly based on insects and plants. They mostly love staple insects are Crickets and Dubia roaches. The glass reptile terrarium will be the best choice to give your bearded dragon a healthy, REPTIZOO glass reptile terrarium are suitable for damp and humid conditions, are hygienic and easy to clean.
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