A chameleon is one of the most fascinating and talk-of-the-town reptile pets to keep. Do you know why? Solely because this lovely creature is quite friendly having an amusing look while requiring only middling care. Another captivating feature of this lizard is its stunning characteristic to change colors according to its surroundings and get blended with the background. Really, what an amazing creature it is, isn't it? Whenever you are willing to keep this interesting creature or probably you might be already having one but are entangled with the question - what type of chameleon cage is suitable for your pet. Let me cover your dilemma. In this article, we will explore different types of chameleon cages, and their uses and we will comprehend the type of chameleon cage that is suitable for your chameleon. Stay tuned and let’s find out the perfect cage for your lizard!    


Why Do I Need a Cage for My Chameleon?


Before taking a plunge into the types of cages, first, you ought to be apprised of the fact why your lovely chameleon pet requires a cage. Primarily it is because the chameleons should be kept in a cage to clamp down on their exit. Secondly, the chameleons are arboreal - which means they live exclusively on trees and require physical circumstances matching their habitat. These requirements necessitate that your chameleon needs its natural habitat where it feels home safe by blending with the colors around it continently. But you don’t have to worry, there are numerous human-made homes in the market called Chameleon cages.


What Does the Chameleon Cage have?


As the purpose of the cage for a chameleon is to provide it with a natural habitat-like enclosure, it is a must to know what are essentials of a chameleon cage are. Most likely, it should be comprised of a large spacious walled-container with a bulb of UVB for heating and lighting. Your pet truly needs a hiding place so it can hide itself to feel secure. Additionally, your cage should include some horizontal branches of Ficus trees, Golden pothos, Bromeliads, and Dragon trees. Your chameleon would love to sit, drink, and hide on its favorite twigs. However, the suitability of a chameleon in its home environment is highly dependent on the type of cage it is living in.


The Ultimate Chameleon Cage Guide: Choose the Perfect Home for Your Pet


Now let's be acquainted with the different types of chameleon cages. There are their most popular choices;


1. Mesh Cage


The mesh cage is one enclosure that makes your chameleon's environment more reliable and suitable. Mesh cage provides your lovely pet good ventilation as well as prevention of stale air from coming in.


Why Keep Your Chameleon in Mesh Cage?


This mesh also covers the problem of bugs slipping out of grasp when you feed your loving lizard because the size of openings is small enough to prevent the bugs from escaping through. Along with all these benefits, this mesh also has an excellent quality to be strong enough, if your chameleon attempts to climb on. But if want to set up a mesh cage, you need to look for standard window screen material. Choosing a vinyl window screen would be the best accessible option. It has proved to be the best choice because it provides good ventilation and prevents the air from getting stale.


2. Glass Cage


Another material used for your enchanting pet chameleon’s enclosure is glass. Although the glass cage does not serve to be as a good option as a mesh cage, however, it is a better choice for pet keepers, living in cold and temperate places, since glass conserves heat and helps your amusing pet to maintain its temperature constant.

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Why Keep Your Chameleon in Glass Cage?


Glass is a heat insulator, it traps heat, so using glass cages in warm areas can harm your innocent cold-blooded chameleon. However, as mentioned earlier, a glass cage is a good option only in cold and temperate areas. One thing that you ought to consider when buying a glass cage, is to see whether your glass cage has front vents and a screen top or not. These are the salient features of a glass cage that will sustain good ventilation along with a healthy environment for your little pretty pet.


Which Chameleon You Can Keep in a Glass Cage?


Most probably, Pygmy chameleon loves to live in a glassy environment to ensure maximum heat conservation.


3. Wooden Cage


Most commonly wood such as cork bark, driftwood, or grapevine is used to design a tall wooden cage for your beloved lizard. The wooden bars of this cage can be filled with a mesh material or metal screening and their wooden structure can be modified as your pet chameleon grows.


Why Keep Your Chameleon in a Wooden Cage?


Chameleon’s wood cages are designed quite large with ample space for wandering. They behave to be more content in a decent amount of space and love to explore and sleep in trees, logs, and branches. Being sufficient for adequate air circulation and light penetration, wooden cages are ideal for lizards living in deserts, dry, sunny environments, and other similar conditions. But always keep in mind that chameleons are psychologically solitary animals. They do not like to share their territories and space with others; neither they are friendly nor social. So never put more than one chameleon in the same cage.


The Perfect Perch for Your Chameleon


Now you may be thinking of which one is the best cage for your pet. Which cage can provide my lizard with the most suitable natural environment? Luckily, we have got you covered here too. We have brought you the ultimate solution for finding the perfect enclosure for your Chameleon – where your pet will be provided with suitable temperatures, humidity, protection, hiding places, and food area in one single large room.  


Reptizoo RK242448 Cages Terrariums lie top on the list of best chameleon cages. This product is excellently designed with serious BioActive habitats in mind. They are pretty easy to assemble and come in twenty-three different models. Their 24 L model and 36"L model feature hinged doors, while 48L,60L, and 72L models feature sliding doors. Reptizoo RK242448 cages terrariums consist of an extra ventilation system for your lovely chameleon. The side and rear panels along with traditional glass doors provide enchanting visibility and hygiene, and also provide the use of three-sided backgrounds. Therefore, no doubt this enclosure can be a perfect cage if you want to give your little reptile all-in-one!


Final Words


Chameleons are truly lovable creatures on Earth. They are not only attributed with nature's most astonishing characteristic of changing color patterns but also, they have proved themselves to a blissful companion of humans. However, the pet keepers remained confused regarding the cages or enclosure for your loving arboreal lizard. Buying a good cage for your chameleon is really a crucial task. Now you have comprehended knowledge about the different types of chameleon cages and now it is pretty easy for me to guide you in choosing the best cage for your pretty little chameleon pet.


Don't settle for an ordinary chameleon cage when you can give your beloved pet the ultimate living space with Reptizoo RK242448 cages terrariums! So why wait? Give your pet the home they deserve and order your Reptizoo RK242448 cage today!



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