What Do I Need for My snake Tank Setup?

Congratulations on buying your first pet snake. Before you bring your snake home, you need to set up a snake tank for him. Snakes are tropical pets, so they definitely demand a gently warm and humid tank. Additionally, it can give your pet snake plenty of space to move around without leaving it feeling worried and endangered.

Are you a snake fanatic and wondering about giving your snake the best possible life by creating an excellent habitat for him? No doubt, nicely prepared snake terrariums, snake cages or snake tanks can do wonders when it comes to giving your snake a friendly habitat for a healthy lifestyle. However, creating a snake tank is really tricky and demands a lot of technical knowledge. Considering this, we have written this article to guide you step-by-step about a professionally done snake tank setup. Just read this article till the end to learn about building, making, and maintaining a desirable tank for your snake.

How Can You Build a Snake Tank Setup?

Building a snake terrarium setup won't ask you extra effort and time if you learn the following things carefully:

  1. Licensing is the most crucial part of your journey. If you are planning for these pets, then don't forget to get a license from your local government. Or else, your act will be illegal, and you will have to face severe consequences in the long run.
  2. The next important thingwhile making a snake tank is the size of your snake. Make sure you are making a snake cage that is big or wide enough if your snake grows and reaches its maximum length in the future.

There are indeed innumerable other things that are important to consider while making a snake tank. However, the aforementioned things are of much importance. 

11 Required Things in Order to Create a Snake Tank Setup

Below is a complete list of all the things that are needed to make a complete snake tank setup. You won’t be able to execute your plans and get your desired results in the absence of any  one of the following things:

1. A Suitable Enclosure 

Choosing a suitable enclosure for your snake will help you a lot in many ways. If you are not well aware of the sources from where you can get the best enclosures for your snake, then give it a chance to Reptizoo. You can find many useful options here. 

However, choosing the right enclosure would be entirely up to you. You can go for glass aquarium, plastic storage boxes, custom-built enclosures, and commercially manufactured cages, whatever you prefer.

2. A Suitable Stand for Your Tank

A suitable tank is very important in order to create a good snake tank. The general rule for most snake tanks is that their size should be at least 2/3 the size of the body of your snake. And the tank must be screened with a lid for ventilation.

3. Proper Lighting and Tank Light Bulbs 

Moderate light intensity will be the best choice to have in your snake cage. Snakes tend to hide in the presence of intense and bright lights. So, avoid using UV lights. Instead of using UV lights, you can get some fluorescent and well-balanced colour spectrum lights.

4. Environmental Humidity & Temperature 

Well, environmental humidity is one of the important things to have around your chosen place for your snake terrariums. You will require humidity controls as well. There should be proper temperature gradients to monitor the actual health and activities of your snake. Usually, snakes can withstand high temperatures. 

5. Acceptable Substrate 

Newspaper, paper towel, cypress mulch, aspen shavings, orchid bark, and many other things are the best options to consider as the substrate for your snake enclosures. Additionally, coconut husks are of prime importance because they let your snakes burrow easily. This is because they can easily absorb moisture. Thus, don’t forget to find an ideal substrate for your snake cage. Always remember, before spreading the substrate, make sure that the surface of your tank is dry and clean. 

snake tank

6. Heating Options

You can never ignore the heating options. Being cold-blooded animals, snakes need extra heat to keep themselves healthy and active. Not only snakes but all reptiles want exterior heat sources to carry out their most crucial activities, such as metabolism. If you add good heaters and other heat sources to your snake terrariums, chances are higher that your snake will live happily and quickly become well accustomed to that place.

7. Suitable Feeding 

Choosing the correct foodstuff for your snake will help you let them grow easily. Being a carnivore, your snake will love to eat meat. They are meat lovers, actually. Providing your snake with a high quality of life is essential, and this will be possible only if you provide your snake with the best feeding options. Ensure that the diet that you are feeding your snake contains all the required nutritional compounds, such as vitamins.

8. Precautionary Measures

If you feel your snake is not eating properly or not behaving well, then check all the above-mentioned things properly. This is your responsibility to keep an eye on your snake's diet, water availability, environment, humidity, and other critical items.

9. Tank Decor 

When it is about snake tank creation, you should always consider the tank decor as per your taste and the needs of your pet snake. Tank decor ultimately contributes to the sense of mental and physical well-being of your snake.

10. Stabilization

Once you have found and collected all the things that are important to make your desired setup, go for proper pilot testing. You can do it by putting your snake in that setup for three to four days and ensuring whether your pet is getting familiar with the habitat or not. This step is crucial to make sure that all the things are working correctly.

11. Other Things

Other than the above-listed things following things are needed:

  1. A thermometeris required to monitor surface and air temperatures.
  2. Tools to measure humidity and temperature.
  3. A thinktank setup to get the most enriching enclosures.

What Size Should Your Snake Tank Be?

Usually, a 40 gallons tank is good enough to make your snake enclosures. However, always keep in mind the age, size, and your snake’s ability to grow in mind while choosing the ideal size for a snake tank.

Final Thoughts

Snakes not only make good pets but also provide you with beautiful looks. Caring for your snakes is challenging but not difficult. You can easily make a snake tank setup if you have the above-mentioned things in your stock. However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle but want something amazing for your pet snake, then Reptizoo is your go-to place. Reptizoo is a professional reptile supplier with tons of reptile-friendly products.

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