REPTIZOO Digital Temperature Controller Smart Dimming Thermostat Controller TC02

$29.99 $24.99
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Dimming Thermostat: The dimming thermostat is a very accurate temperature control method. It's designed specifically for controlling light bulbs, smart PID heating mode is...

Upgrade Reptile Heat Mat with Thermostat - For Hermit Crab Snake Lizard

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Features: 1. Upgraded Version - Dual temperature protection with built-in 122℉ control smart chip and independent adjustable temperature controller. Made with environmentally friendly carbon...

REPTI ZOO Reptile Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Controller for Reptile THC15N

$89.99 $67.80
ALL Controller Equipment(THC Series) Reptile Thermostat
For begginers, "One Button Operation" quickly switch to the tropical mode or desert mode; For advancers, easy to set the desired day/night temperature, humidity...

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