A Set-up Guide for Your Tree Frog


“Tree frog” is the type of Batrachia with arboreal features, members of Anura. Tree frogs live out of direct sunlight, some tree frogs live in the woodland and others are nocturnal animals. Jump and short crawls are their main activity as frogs have paddles and sucking discs. In general, the lifetime of tree frogs is 5-8 years for large tree frogs and 2-4 years for small one. It is also a type of reptile easy to take care of so many tree frogs are popular for reptile lovers: Rhacophorus dennysi, Polypedates megacephalus, Hyla annectent, Litoria caerulea, Phrynohyas resnifictrix, Phyllomedusa sauvagei, Agalychnis callidryas, Rhacophorus bipunctatus, etc.


Feeding Setting

  1. Reptile Terrarium/Enclosure

Tree frogs keepers choose the most suitable reptile terrarium for them according to their body size. As tree frogs usually hide behind the leaves on the tree in the daytime and hunt by night, so reptile vertical terrarium is more suitable for setting up a bioactive terrarium for them, which can provide them a wide free organic space.


Reptile Tank Size

1-3 cm→20*20*30cm

3-8 cm→20*20*30cm

>8 cm→45*45*60cm

More than 1 frog→60*45*60cm


REPTIZOO 30 Gallon Large Reptile Terrarium (Knock-Down) RK0110

Terrarium with full glass sides and double push and pull doors

Three main applied scenes(tropical, desert, amphibious)

Suitable for young chameleon, arboreal frog, clown tree frog

Safe lock design, preset extra accessory hole

Removable top lid (wire mesh screen)

Waterproof base supports water storage


  1. Substrate

Coconut fibre is one of the ideal substrates for tree frogs’ habitat, it has a firm soil, keeps wet, scatters abort the water current function.


  1. Scramble thing

As tree frogs like to hide in big wines and leaves, some vines and driftwood could be a good choice for their safety feeling.


  1. Temperature and Humidity

It is suggested to maintain the moisture level at 75%-90% and place a water bowl in the terrarium as a moisturizer. Temperate in the daytime is recommended to keep between 24 to 27℃ and 20-24℃ by night. When the frog feels hot, they will excrete mucus on their skin, so the frog keeper should observe to see the changes or install a reptile terrarium mister for convenience.


  1. Light

As the article mentioned before that tree frogs are afraid of a bright and strange environment, also tree frogs are the types of animals that prefer high moisture levels, so it is important to choose the appropriate light lamps. REPTIZOO suggests setting up a dual lamp fixture that allows the controlling of two different lamps separately. Regards the temperature and humidity standards that are different day and night time, a mini daylight lamp could be used to view and provide heat; a ceramic heat emitter without light can support a heat source at night.


REPTIZOO Dual Lamp Fixture

Two independent switches: Easy control separately for sun lamps, infrared bulbs, heat emitters, and so on in the dual lamp fixture.

Long-time use: Black metal with heat-resistant ceramics lamp sockets, ensure long-time use.

Good heat dissipation: The top ventilating holes ensure an excellent heat dissipation effect.

Heavy-duty double hook: This lamp fixture with two hooks can be used together with any dome lamp brackets and hold steady.


  1. Feeding food

Tree frogs feed on insects such as fruit flies, cherry cockroaches, crickets, plastic dubious, and mealworms. Calcium powder, vitamins, and probiotics could be used as a food supplement addition sometimes. Moreover, feeding tree frogs 1-3 times per week is enough, which depends on their size.


List of feeding equipment preparation

Step1: Reptile Terrarium

Step2: Setup

  • Substrate: Coconut fibre/Moss/Pine bark
  • Decoration: Artificial vines/driftwood/Moss Timbo
  • Artificial bark background
  • Reptile water bowel

Step3: Accessories

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