1. Raising condition

Pet snake is a slender animal and also a master of escape, so the first thing that we should do is to choose an reptile enclosure that fits our snakes well. The suggested size of the reptile enclosure is depended on the size of the snakes. Ideally, the width of the enclosure could be 3 to 4 times the diameter when the snake is prehensile and the length of the enclosure could be two-thirds of the snake. Three important functions that we should consider when we choose an reptile tank are seal, safety, and ventilation. To provide a comfortable environment for snakes, snake keepers are suggested to use suitable reptile cage bedding for different snakes. The common cage bedding is bard chips


Terrarium Suggestion

60cm Snake → 30*20*15cm

60cm-100cm Snake → 50*30*25cm

>100 cm Snake → 90*45*32 cm


REPTI ZOO Acrylic Reptile Breeding Case

『Size』16" x12" x 6", perfect for Small Reptiles and Amphibians or Invertebrates, Terrestrial Tarantula, etc.

『View』Clear Acrylic with 360 Degree view, easy to observe and clean

『Design』Stack-able design, convenient to assemble and disassembled. Sliding design and magnetic closure for easy feeding your reptile pet and avoiding its escape.

『Ventilation』The ventilation holes on the top make sure your pets have a comfortably breathable environment


There is an interesting fact that snakes are afraid of people and they like to hide somewhere to feel safer, so a hidden cave is important for them to feel comfortable and block light in case they are too nervous to eat.


REPTI ZOO 3-IN-1 Magnetic Attraction Cave

『Environment』Natural Hiding, shedding, egg-laying

『Convenience』Removable lid makes it easy to check on your animals or remove eggs


  1. Feeding food

The food habit of snakes can be classified into two types. Suckling mice are one of the food that is easy to get and it is also an ideal food that can provide enough nutrition for snakes. The important thing to note here is pet snakes eat less as they are cold-blooded animals, so feeding them once or twice a week is pretty enough for them. Snakes shed their skin every year and swimming in water is helpful for them to cast their skin, so a water/food bowl is needed which can use to raisin their food such as baby fish and small loach as well.



『Wide application』Yard lizards, turtles, terrapin, tortoise, gecko, sulcatas, bearded dragon, etc.

『Material』Realistic rock finish on the external surface and a smooth non-pitted surface inside.


Humidity and temperature are one of the keys to raising reptiles. Generally, pet snakes can adjust their temperature by moving backward and forwards through the hot and cold zone, so it is necessary to have two thermometers to monitor the temperature of the cold and hot zone, and a hygrometer to monitor the area where pet snakes always stay. Pet snakes have no use for lighting in terrariums for the reason that snakes are unlike common animals which have eyelids to protect their eyes, so UVB light is harmful to pet snakes. If you would like to add a light to enjoy watching your snakes, it is best to use a moonlight lamp at night and use a heating pad for the heating effect.


The reference value of temperature and humidity

Humidity: 50-70% all-day

Day time temperature: 22-25℃(cold area); 27-30℃(hot area)

Nighttime temperature: 22-26℃


REPTI ZOO Ceramic Heat Emitter

『Time』10,000 hours longer service life

『Heat』Fast heating and stable temperature, non-light heat source, which is good for pet snakes' sleep habits

『Material』High-quality ceramics powder and glaze baked, which produce an infrared ray heating source that penetrates the skin issue, stimulates blood circulation, improves immunity, and enhances health

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