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BlueTongue Skink, a desert reptile animal, is a type of skink that getting more and more popular in recent years. One of the interesting characteristics of BlueTongue Skink is that they all have chubby bodies but little short legs, this is also the reason why the BlueTongue Skink is called the 'Corgi’ of lizards.


The types of BlueTongue Skink are various and it is easy to recognize the difference by their color, which can be classified as Tiliqua gigas, Tiliqua scinoides, Tiliqua multifasciate, Tiliqua occipitalis, Tiliqua rugosu, etc. On average, BlueTongue Skink can live longer than 15 years. Insects, meat, and vegetables are always their targeted food.


  1. Fitting Setting

A big and wide enclosure is an ideal habitat for BlueTongue Skink as they are terrestrial animals.

Reptile Enclosure/Terrarium Size

  • Sub-adult 60*45*32cm
  • Adult 120*45*32cm


  1. Substrate

It is suggested to use pine bark as the substrate of terrarium because the material is rough which is easy to clean up and safe, also can avoid accidental swallowing by BlueTongue Skink.


  1. Water bowl/ Food bowl

A big water bowl is needed for BlueTongue Skink to shower and drink, which can be used to adjust the humidity in the reptile enclosure as well.


  1. Landscape decoration

To offer a safe and comfortable reptile habitat for your BlueTongue Skink, a reptile hide cave is a must and it can prevent your reptile pets from stress, immunity decrease, food refusal, and bruise.


Have you thought about artificial plants? To provide a more natural wide life vibe, it is commended to get one and an artificial rock background too as BlueTongue Skink likes to climb over the obstacles.


  1. The reference value of the temperature and humidity

Humidity  40-60%


Light area 30-35℃  Cold area 27-30℃

Night 25-30℃


It is particularly important to care about the temperature and humidity in the reptile enclosure as it could affect the health of BlueTongue Skink gently, so it is best to have a digital thermometer hygrometer temperature controller for the reptile tank to monitor if the humidity and temperature suit for BlueTongue Skink at that time.


REPTIZOO Reptile Digital Thermo-Hygrometer

  • Easy to install-Suction cup can be adsorption on the side or back of the terrarium.
  • Easy and clear to read - The suction cup is strong and secure.


  1. Heating Light

It is necessary to provide enough heating and UVB for BlueTongue Skink to improve their health. As for lighting, there are three types of lamps that are needed: a UVB light lamp, a UVA sun lamp, and a ceramic heat emitter. Using a UVB light lamp can facilitate the absorption of calcium for the BlueTongue Skink. The UVA sunlight can ensure the temperature suits the slink in the daytime. The ceramic heat emitter can continue to provide the heat at night with no light, so it is also good for BlueTongue Skink's sleep without light distraction.


100W Full Spectrum UVA UVB Reptile Sun Lamp

  • Provides both UVB and UVA, high-quality visual light, and heat
  • Built-in ballast mercury vapor lamp
  • Provides natural sunlight rays required by reptile pets maintained indoors
  • Effectively prevents metabolic bone disease
  • UVB penetration increased to the distance of 30CM+


Ceramic Heat Emitter

  • The material used: high-quality ceramics powder and glaze baked, which produce an infrared ray heating source that penetrates the skin issue, stimulates blood circulation, improves immunity, and enhances health.
  • Fast heating and stable temperature
  • 10,000 hours longer service life
  • Good for reptile animal sleep habits as it is a non-light heat source
  • Waterproof material, which is suitable for terrariums with higher humidity


  1. Feeding Food

The food choice for BlueTongue Skink is various. Insects, vegetables, meat, and fruits are all their food supplies, however, one thing to note is that it is better not to feed them with food that contains too much water, which is easy to cause inflamed intestinal disease. Moreover, concerning the vitamin and ingredient proportion, REPTIZOO high recommends purchasing the BlueTongue Skink special feed, which is assimilated more easily than other food.


  1. Feeding Frequency

The feeding frequency will get more and more often along with the growth of your BLueTongue skink. Baby BlueTongue Skink should be fed once every two days, for sub-adult and adult ones, reptile keepers should feed them 2-3 times per week. Moreover, vitamin and calcium powder should also be used to give them more nutrition in addition.


 9. List of feeding equipment

  1. Reptile glass enclosures / terrariums
  2. Furnishings
  • Artificial pink bark/Corncob/Wood scraps
  • Artificial plants/ Artificial hid cave
  • Reptile water fountain/ Food dish
  • Tree bark background
  1. Reptile light fixture

UVB light lamp/ UVA light lamp/ ceramic heat emitter/ night-light

  1. Accessories
  • Cleaning clip/ Feeding clip
  • Insects/ Vegetables/ Fruits/ Meat/ BlueTongue Skink special food

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