How to Choose the Best Bearded Dragon Tank?

How to Choose the Best Bearded Dragon Tank?

As for reptile parents, building up your reptile terrarium is very satisfying as you can design it as your ideal house for your reptile amphibian. The bearded dragon is a popular reptile pet for most reptile beginners, it is very easy and cost-effective to take care of them if you have done plenty of research and understand their behavior. We have talked about the required setup equipment in the previous article, we’re going to discuss how to choose the best-bearded dragon enclosure here, which concerns the factors of reptile enclosure size, material, substrate, and bearded dragon’s natural behavior.


Whats the bearded dragon tank size?

Raising a bearded dragon is as difficult as most reptile pets, if you can provide the best habitat which can allow them to live there happily forever before getting one beardie, it is really good for well-being and growth. There are many factors to consider when you are choosing the bearded dragon habitat, such as the tank safety, airflow, size, quality, configuration, and other factors, let’s analyze the tank size first.


In general, 40-gallon is a standard size for most adult bearded dragons. The larger terrarium they live in, the more happiness can bring to them, so you can choose the biggest bearded dragon cage you can within your budget. Further, concerning bearded dragon is a ground dweller but likes to climb on low branches, the type of suitable terrarium is horizontal. Regarding baby bearded dragon will grow up very quickly, the bearded dragon's parent needs to upgrade its terrarium as it grows, so thinking about your house space before getting a tank, if you have enough space for a larger reptile enclosure, then you do not have to change its terrarium to a bigger size in the future. Moreover, the bearded dragon chooses a suitable tank size depending on its pet’s length.


Baby beardie


Juvenile beardie


Adult beardie

 50-75 gallon

Adult beardie longer than 20 inches

 75-125 gallon


Whats the best-bearded dragon tank material?


The most common tank material you can find online must be glass. Glass reptile tank is always the first choice for most bearded dragon parents because it’s widely available, aesthetic, and functional. The airflow is an important factor to consider when choosing the bearded dragon cage. Glass tank usually comes with a screen lid, which is good for the airflow in the terrarium as the bearded dragon is a desert animal, it needs to be exposed to sufficient UVB light or sunlight all day, a hermetic tank is not as good as a tank with a screen lid, so this is one of the reasons why most reptile parents choose glass reptile tank. However, the glass reptile terrarium also has a drawback as it is not good at heat insulation and the bearded dragon is cold-blooded that needs a basking spot, if you live in a cold place then you need to regulate the temperature sometimes or place a thermometer and hygrometer.



Wood and glass:

Compared to glass, the advantage of glass is that wood is an excellent heat insulator, wood and glass terrarium combined with both of their advantages, so it is a smart choice for the bearded parent who lives in a cold place.


Acrylic / PVC material: 

Acrylic and PVC enclosure are always popular too, the strength of these materials are their lightweight, stackable, portable, stylish, and wide color choice. However, the PVC/ Acrylic tank is more expensive than the glass terrarium. Besides, the airflow feature is also worse than glass and wood tanks.


Other bearded dragon cage features


Safety is the primary factor to consider when you choose the reptile terrarium for your pets, so the bearded dragon parent should think about the terrarium's safety such as the sturdiness and security. Purchase the bearded dragon cage with a secure lock or the tank that can add an extra lock to prevent pets’ escape. Moreover, glass is easy to be damaged during shipping, check the glass’s perfection carefully when you install it.


Easy to access and clean

Being the bearded dragon parent, the thing you have to do every week is to feed your pet and clean the terrarium regularly, so the bearded dragon terrarium must be easy to access and clean. The front opening terrarium is better than the terrarium with a screen top/door at this point.

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