Do your snakes have feelings?

Have you considered getting a snake pet?

Snakes are not known to live in groups, among reptiles, a snake mane always maintains a certain social distance from his fellows, and they rarely gather together except for hibernation and mating. Usually For example, snakes cannot interact and express emotions with their owners like other reptile pets. So do pet snakes have different emotions for their owners? We will briefly introduce snake emotions in this article.


Do snakes have feelings?

A famous ecologist once said that all animals, even snakes, need to interact with other animals. There have been scientific experiments and modeling observations that snakes have the ability to recognize individuals of the same kind, and will actively at specific times Choose to associate with an individual.

It goes without saying that snakes also have emotions, but unlike most animals, they can only show two emotions: fear and aggression. It needs to be emphasized that snakes are not social animals, they have no friends, no social environment, Unlike other animals, it is difficult for them to express emotions other than aggression and fear, so it is difficult for them to express deep emotions.

How do snakes express their feelings?

However, there are still some snake pets who believe that a small number of snakes can express affection, while most snakes cannot. For example, sometimes they will indent and wrap themselves around objects or their owners, using Rubbing their head against their master, or wrapping themselves loosely around an object or their master. In this case, it is a form of body language for snakes to express love. The actions of a particular owner are unknown. There is currently no experimental data to show whether pet snakes hug you only because of the need for temperature, pet snakes are dependent on their owners, or whether knowledge is because of connecting their owners to food. stand up.

As snake owners, of course we all hope that our little ones can live a healthy and happy life. Here are some tips for keeping snakes for you~

snake body language

  1. Tongue flicking: You may often see some pictures or videos of snakes sticking their tongues out. The slow flicking of the tongue at a lower frequency means that the snake is sensing the external environment and observing things. But if it is a fast flicking of the tongue, it indicates that Snakes are in a state of tension and anxiety, so stay away from them to avoid being bitten.
  2. Curled S-shape: If the snake you see is in a curved S-shape with its neck stretched forward, it means that the snake is in defensive mode and is ready to attack.
  3. Hissing sound: When you hear the snake hissing or swelling sound continuously, it means it is warning you to leave. At this time, please leave your snake alone.
  4. Change eye color: When you see your pet snake's eye color change, don't worry, it may be time to peel.


What equipment do snake keepers need?

  1. You need to choose a suitable size breeding box according to the size of the snake
  2. Put an appropriate amount of substrate, such as sawdust or bark
  3. Prepare the daily necessities of the snake, such as water trays, thermometers, hygrometers, lamps, shelters (at least one for each snake), decorations, etc.

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